The herd stands currently at just over one hundred. Every member is unique and so different are their personalities. Some are bold and some are timid, some are affectionate and some more stand offish, but all are capable of making choices.  They are funny, playful, intelligent and above all else incredibly loving if you spend the time with them.



It was Daisy that first introduced me to the world of cows. I quickly realised that I could never imagine my life without her. Now almost four years old she is huge, not only in size but in character! A real cheeky personality and very clever. She is however so gentle in nature and incredibly affectionate. We have an amazing relationship and quite simply she means everything to me.



Dandelion too! Having reared her along with Daisy you never see one without the other. They are inseparable and just like Daisy she is cheeky and super smart. Dandelion loves nothing more than a cuddle or a brush and is only too happy to nudge Daisy out of the way to get another turn!



Chance was hand reared and as such knows she is different. Confident and super bright, she is full of fun.  She can get jealous though and is always happy to push her way to the front of the queue.



Hand reared alongside Chance, they are however like chalk and cheese. Lucky is the gentlest soul I have come across. Quiet and calm and very loving.



A huge personality and very greedy when it comes to food. But soft and gentle, she adores being cuddled and is stunning in appearance too.



Buffy is smart, really smart. She is normally two or three steps ahead of me, knowing what I am about to do before I do! Like all cows, she is an amazing mum. She has some truly great expressions too and is very distinctive with her one horn.



Beautiful Dahlia. She is dominant in the herd, but we have such a close friendship, that I can walk up to her anywhere and simply fling my arms around her! She was my first experience all those years ago of adult cows and she has taught me so much.



Everyone loves Jessie. You can’t miss her with her huge horns and striking markings. She will walk straight on up for a scratch and is so playful that sometimes you must ask her to calm down as she leaps and jumps all around you. Brilliant to move from field to field. Even if you can’t see her, just call and wait, she will come.



Star is testament to how spending time with your cows pays dividends. She is so quiet that when she gave birth to her very first calf earlier this year, I helped to deliver him in the middle of a field at night. Her calf, named Sol has learned from mum that there is nothing to worry about and at just three days of age walked right on over to me for a sniff and a cuddle.



These two could melt anyone’s heart. Both had to be hand reared and both fought for their lives when they entered the world. But they are doing well now and really are best buddies. So affectionate are they that if you put your head against them, they will lift theirs up to give you a kiss!



Jumbo is immensely strong and powerful. A good thing then that he is so obliging when being moved with the herd. Although he is very well looked after we have tried never to make a pet out of him as if he were to become jealous, it could be very dangerous indeed! To see him potter around the field you wouldn't believe he could run fast. But I have seen him so light on his feet, just like a ballerina when the mood takes him.



Gorgeous Mr Woolly pictured here aged three months is now two years of age ,but every bit as adorable. He is the star of the amazing true tale as featured in the book Knowing Daisy, of Mr Woolly and Fluffy the cat. An amazing friendship that helped Mr Woolly though the difficult times in his early life.



Blind since birth Belinda is quite simply amazing! Now 13 years old she knows her way around the farm better than anyone. Sometimes a little help is needed if in unfamiliar surroundings but otherwise she can navigate her way around any field or lane way with ease.



If ever you needed proof that cows have different personalities, then here it is. Angel is shy and quiet, and Lucy is outgoing and demanding of attention. But both are simply amazing, born premature, they fought to be here, and we are so glad that they did. They are very cheeky, and mischief is never far away.



Jelani is incredible. She is brave and strong in heart. We have been through much together and have a very strong bond. When I move the herd, she is always at the front by my side.  I love her immensely.


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